Our Focus

Our recruitment services focus on the sales and sales-related positions in B2B segment. Most often, we seek for our clients acquisition sales persons with consulting profiles and business specialists with expert knowledge and contacts in specific market segments, as well as sales managers and other roles related to sales strategies support and implementing (presales, product management, marketing, product marketing, project management, etc.).

Our strength lies in sales positions with high added value, where consultative sales approach is needed.

How we Work

Before we start searching for the candidates, it is very important for us to gain maximum information about the vacant position.

We prefer a personal meeting with the responsible representative of the employer, ideally with the direct superior of the future employee.

We always try to determine the precise role of the candidate, what competences will the candidate have, in which way will the candidate be motivated and evaluated, etc.

The aim is to establish a detailed profile of the position and to understand where to search for the suitable candidate.

Ways of cooperation

KP2 Recruitment Service

Usually, we work together with our clients in the following way:

  • We do not require advance payment.
  • We bill the service when the recommended candidate accepts the job offer.
  • To start the search process, the binding order of the client is sufficient for us.
  • In most cases, we do not require exclusivity .
  • We provide a guarantee for the placed candidates of 3 - 6 months, depending on the agreed conditions.
  • Following a request, we can verify the references.
  • The average time of the search for the candidates that we introduce to the client is between 4 -6 weeks.

KP2 Executive Search

  • Before starting work, we require a written contract.
  • We conduct Executive Search only based on exclusivity.
  • We provide a guarantee for the placed candidates of 6 – 12 months. If for any reason (except for organizational changes) the employment is terminated, we will find a replacement candidate free of charge.
  • Payment terms are negotiated individually, depending on the difficulty of the search for the vacant position.
  • The average time of placement is about 8 weeks.
    The verification of references is a standard part of the service.

Personal Data Protection

Our company is registered with The Office for Personal Data Protection under No.: 00033513 for the purposes of personal data processing. All personal data is processed with the consent of the data owners. We are the holder of an employment brokerage service licence issued by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of the Czech Republic under the reference number 2008/47401 - 422.