Sales Management

The sales team is the engine of any company. It takes more than to have handy salesmen for the desired and stable performance of the sales team; the sales must be optimally and systematically controlled. In the constantly evolving and changing market environment, the sales organization must adapt accordingly.

Presently, the appropriate organizational structure, established sales processes and the management system of sales opportunities are the basic conditions for sustainable sales.

Due to the pressure of competition and increasing customer demands, also the change of selling approach is required for successful sales. Projects with high value and long-term sales cycle must be managed by a salesman-consultant, however, they also need to have the proper (winning) sales strategy determined.

In all these areas, KP2 provides its clients with support and expert knowledge.


  • Sales organization
  • Sales processes
  • Sales opportunities management


  • Implementation of Miller Heiman sales processes
  • Training sales skills in consulting sales approach
  • Sales Management - managerial skills